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The Organic Choice

With the array of brands and options available in the market, choosing the right products can be very challenging!  How to decide which one is ethically right for you and your family? ONL skincare and household products are made with LOVE, CARE and CONSIDERATION.  Most importantly, all organically certified! Unlike natural and eco-label claims, only organic offers government-backed assurance.  On the back of all our products, you will find five certification labels.  You do not have to understand complex chemical composition because these certification labels ensure that every ingredient has been carefully selected to protect you, your family and the environment.

ONL’s range of products have the highest organic content in the market and are 100% made in the UK.

The Soil Association Certification Limited is UK’s largest organic certification body, campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. Its organic certification is widely regarded as the GOLD standard for all organic products and is very difficult to achieve.

Certified organic products contain ingredients which come from plants and other natural products, such as minerals. To make sure that a product works, some natural ingredients need to be changed. Some of these changes are simple physical processes, such as chopping, blending or combining – ingredients which have undergone these types of processes are known as Physically Processed Agro-Ingredients (PPAI).

Other ingredients undergo chemical changes, for example, heating or boiling, oxidation (adding oxygen) or other chemical reactions. These are known as Chemically Processed Agro-Ingredients. The physical and chemical processes which are permitted by The Soil Association are carefully scrutinised to make sure that only the most sustainable types are allowed, in line with the principle of Green Chemistry.

The Leaping Bunny programme from Cruelty Free International is a well-recognised symbol which tells our customers that no ONL products or ingredients have been animal tested. To obtain this certification, we must go through an intensive independent audit which is updated annually.

ONL products have been given the approval by The Vegan Society and certifies that our products do not include animal ingredients. The vegan trademark is an internationally recognised symbol ensuring that vegans and vegetarians can be confident that no animal ingredients are present in all ONL products and no animal ingredients are used as processing aids.

We work with Allergy UK to help those who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity. The ‘Allergy Friendly’ award means that the product may be of benefit to allergy sufferers and is unlikely to cause a reaction. ONL products are all formulated to reduce allergens, especially for the skin.

The “I’m Green” logo means that ONL has made a commitment that our products are free of toxic compounds that do not produce toxic by-products and uses environmentally sustainable packaging that is biodegradable or easily reused either in part or as a whole.

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